Sledgehog Ugly Christmas Fashion Kids / Youth Sweatshirt

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Fashion Kids/Youth Sweatshirt Size Guide

Because it’s handmade for you, this requires 3-6 business days before they are shipped. Orders placed before midnight will be included in the following day’s batch for manufacturing.
Inches 1/2 - XXS 3/4 - XS 5/6 - S 7/8 - M 9/10 - L 11/12 - XL
Front length (from H.P.S.) 16½ 17⅓ 18⅞ 20½ 22½ 24½
Chest (1" below armhole) 14½ 15⅓ 16⅛ 16⅞ 18⅛ 19⅓
Sleeve Length 13⅗ 14½ 15⅔ 16⅞ 18½ 20

Centimeter 1/2 - XXS 3/4 - XS 5/6 - S 7/8 - M 9/10 - L 11/12 - XL
Front length (from H.P.S.) 41.9 44 47.7 52.1 57.1 62.2
Chest (2.5cm below armhole) 36.8 38.9 40.9 42.6 46 49
Sleeve Length 34.5 36.8 39.6 42.6 47 50.8

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Embrace the holiday spirit with SpreadVera's Sledgehog Ugly Christmas Fashion Kids / Youth Sweatshirt. A delightful mix of comfort, style, and festive wildlife charm!

Sledgehog Wonder: Kids' Fashionable Christmas Wildlife Sweatshirt

Delight in Nature's Holiday Splendor with SpreadVera's Unique Sledgehog Christmas Sweatshirt!

Discover the joy of festive wildlife in cozy comfort!

Introducing the heartwarming SpreadVera's Sledgehog Ugly Christmas Fashion Kids / Youth Sweatshirt, a perfect blend of nature's charm and holiday cheer. Tailored for kids who adore pets and wildlife, this fashion-forward sweatshirt brings the festive spirit of a hedgehog on a sledge right into your child's wardrobe. Ideal for snuggling up indoors or for outdoor festivities, it's a winter must-have for young nature enthusiasts.

Superior Quality for Lasting Comfort:

Crafted from a premium mix of 20% cotton, 75% polyester, and 5% spandex, this sweatshirt is both comfortable and durable. The fabric composition ensures a soft cotton handfeel on the outside and a cozy brushed fleece fabric on the inside, providing your child with warmth and comfort throughout the festive season.

Stunning High-Definition Prints:

SpreadVera takes pride in its state-of-the-art high-definition printing techniques. The vibrant and fade-free prints capture the essence of a playful hedgehog in winter, ensuring the design remains vivid and intact, never peeling, flaking, or cracking.

Personalization at Its Best:

Add a personal touch with our custom printed inside label. Personalize this sweatshirt to make it an extraordinary gift that celebrates your child’s love for wildlife and Christmas.

Product Features:

  • 20% Cotton, 75% Polyester, 5% Spandex: Premium fabric blend
  • Soft Cotton Handfeel: Ensures external comfort
  • Brushed Fleece Interior: Extra coziness for winter
  • Customizable Inside Label: Personalize your gift
  • High-Definition Printing: Long-lasting vibrant design
  • Durable Design: Withstands active use without damage

Celebrate the Holiday Season with a Touch of Nature, Brought to You by SpreadVera!